low velocities not detected by synapse

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low velocities not detected by synapse

Postby Soave23 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:41 am

I have a roland KD-8—oldschool—electronic kick, a yamaha electronic kick, and a yamaha electronic hi-hat—the latter both new. None of them will trigger samples in Battery for velocities under 60, or somewhere in that range. I can tap lightly on all of the pedals, but no noise until I strike them at about half velocity. I believe I have all of the sensitivity settings at their max. Could this be due to poor quality cords? Is there something that I'm missing on the velocity/sensitivity settings that would allow me to trigger low velocities on the pedals?

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Re: low velocities not detected by synapse

Postby turnkee » Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:32 pm

You are most likely triggering the samples every time you use your pedals but you are just not hearing them because either:

- The waveforms of the sample files themselves are low amplitude (or far from normalized)
- You have some kind of Amplitude Envelope going in Battery
- The fact that samples are basically inaudible if triggered with velocities below 30 or so

Or it could be combinations of those 3 things listed.

You need to increase the Min value of the velocity curves to something like 30 for those cells in Battery. That way even your slight taps will at least make an audible sound even if you hit them with a true velocity lower than that.

Also make sure the Amplitude Envelope is off and that your waveforms aren't too small in the first place.