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How do I use my Mandala V1 brain with logic 9?

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 3:17 am
by Jens Sejersen
I would like to use my Mandala V1 to trigger sounds from within Logic 9. I would also like to use the position ctrl. velocity ctrl. and pedal ctrl. to manipulate various plugin parameters in Logic 9, but I can't really make this work.

Progress so far:
I have connected the Mandala V1's midi out to my midi in on my Emagic AMT 8 interface.
I can trigger sounds within Logic by hitting the pad.

How do I assign various plugin parameters in Logic 9 to the position ctrl. velocity ctrl and pedal ctrl on the V1 brain?

When I want to use other control surfaces to manipulate plugin parameters (e.g. a midi keyboard with rotary knobs and sliders) I have no problem assigning these knobs and sliders to specific plugin parameters in Logic 9. I use the following method:
1. I choose Logic Pro --> Preferences --> Control Surfaces --> Controller assigments
2. I then choose the parameter I want to assign to knob/slider by turning the parameter with my mouse.
3. I then turn the knob/slider on the midi keyboard and click "learn". Now I can use this knob/slider to change the parameter in the plugin.

Does the same method apply when I want to assign the parameters in the plugin to the position ctrl. velocity ctrl. and pedal ctrl on the V1 brain, and if so how do I do it?

Hope someone can help me with this problem.

Thanks for your help...

Jens S

Re: How do I use my Mandala V1 brain with logic 9?

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:05 pm
by turnkee
I've done this with my Mandala mk2.9. Hit your pad when Logic needs to learn the controller and then adjust the Value Change field in Logic to keep only the MIDI data from the controller you want. You'll have to eliminate the note data because every Mandala hit outputs a note and a controller. I think the v1.0 also outputs a velocity controller so you'll have to eliminate that too.

Re: How do I use my Mandala V1 brain with logic 9?

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:35 pm
by Jens Sejersen
Cool - it works now. I also got very good help from support. I will post it here so all you others with a V1 module knows how to do it.

Jens S

Reply from support:
Yes the same method applies when you want to control parameters in Logic with Mandala v1.0 position ctrl, velocity ctrl and pedal ctrl. In the attached picture below you can see a controller assignment of a Mandala's position controller to the Drive parameter of a Distortion effect. Carry out the steps you normally do with a different control surface except when it comes time to move a knob or slider just tap your Mandala instead. You will see Hex data pop up in the Value Change field. That data represents the MIDI data that just came from the Mandala and it includes a note message, a position controller message, and a velocity controller message. If you want to assign position controller then you will have to delete the note and velocity hex data and be left with just the position data, as shown below, and similar for assigning velocity instead of position. For those controllers there will be one byte representing the controller and what channel it's on, one byte representing the controller number, and one byte representing the bit order (Lo7 will do in all Mandala cases), as you see below. You will also see the assignment written in words below the Value Change field.

For the pedal you won't have to delete any Hex data. Just rock the pedal to assign it.