Ableton Max4Live: Split CC values

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Ableton Max4Live: Split CC values

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Want a 2 Zone Mandala, each with their own cc control values ??

Here you go. .....

Download Device here: ... c-splitter

Disclaimer: Images missing due to forum restraints. PM and email if you want .als file and instructions with images included.




The Mandala has only one cc control.
It is a great tool yet is limited in how we can apply it outside of Virtual Brain.

My Requirements:

I want the option to have multiple instances of a single cc control.
I also want this cc control to only effect a select area of the Mandala.
Each instance can be mapped to any parameter in Live.


Mandala surface is restricted to Zone 1 + Zone 2 [Using scale device].
Rather than having the full range of 0-127 from center to edge, I want a range of 0-127 within each zone.


Because. Simple.


Using Max4live; incoming CC range is split between to 2 outputs A + B.

A = 0-63
B = 64-127

Each output is recalculated to produce a value of 0-126.

Unfortunately this is not a true value as we have to multiply the 64 to get a full Range which results in the output range of 0 – 126.
For my application this is not so much of an issue.

Modifying the MAX4LIVE midi tool: Max Api CtrlMIDIcc.adv we now have 2 instances of CC control across the center to edge plane in stead of 1.

Additionally, using this method we can have multiple instances of a full 0 – 127 range. Why? Though we can use the midi mode mapping option in Live for some reason it overrides the api in the midi effect – Adding a full range to the effect resolves the issue.

Add the Midi Tool: Scale after CC_Splitter we can then modify the Mandala into a 2 Zone pad. Z1+Z2 = Zone 1; Z3+Z4= Zone 2 [ I use Z5+Z6 as ON/OFF triggers ].


A lot of the following are beyond my capabilities to fix, upgrade or ponder.
If anyone out there knows how to and carry out modifications and improvements please do!!

Max Api CtrlMIDIcc.adv is a bulky looking device. Having more than a paired split takes up a lot of screen reality. I’ve yet figure a nondestructive way to reorganize the controls - which are very useful in fine tuning the range behaviors.

Originally my calculation method sent bangs on every CC Change causing a pleasing ‘semi-controllable’ random nature to the playing experience. This has been ‘fixed’ using the split object for a true output.

No parameter save option. This is annoying it Live crashes as it will not save the settings and you have to re map the CC control manually.

No MIDI learn/ Mapping capabilities – which would be much more user friendly.

I’m not sure if the midi channel is affected by changes.



Add MDA_CC_SPLITTER to the front of your midi channel.
Add Scale object.
Add Instrument. For this example I use Impulse.

Define the Zones using Scale. These will be in pairs, each pair triggering a desired sound. Route this to be Kick and Snare.

Select Impulse and decide on the parameter to control.
Lets use Pan for this example.


The first track menu is where you choose which track to control it can be any!!. The second menu is for the device you will control. In this case we select Impulse. The third menu is the parameter for the device you will control – there are many. Select Pan. Do this for both Kick and Snare.

Make sure both inputs as well as the targets ON and that you have a Mandala mapped to the Midi channel.

Play and observe.

In the normal fashion the kick will pan L/R and the snare will pan L/R.
The scope windows in the device will squiggle about indicating value changes.

That’s it, creativity ( and RAM usage ) is your only obstacle.

You can restrict how much of the controls range and other behavior using the Invert / Min / Max Parameters.

Curve and Compression alter the speed and curve of control.

** If you get no control change troubleshoot by click the flush button.
This is routed to the incoming range.

Also scroll the CC_Check box this manual sends values.

Download Device here: ... c-splitter
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