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2 Mandala V2.0's for sale $150 each.

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:31 am
by filterdrum
I'm looking to get rid of 2 V2.0's. These have been great pads for me, and I also own a 2.9. I want to go all in with the 2.9's

Both pads have recently been sent and give the "once over, and thumbs up" from Mandala techs. As well as new striking surfaces. I will also include a free CD with ALL of my own created sounds. These include my own sounds I've made from Battery, and DDrum octobans...And a bunch of sounds I've made from Garage Band, and ACID loops.

I'm asking 150 each, or both for 275.

email me @ filterdrum(at)yahoo(dot)com