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Affirm/Debunk My Conception of V3

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 6:03 am
by filterdrum
Vince and Luke have been kind enough to answer my constant questions about the V3 software/interface, but there's one thing I just don't know about the new drum.

Will it have the ability to have have isolated zones? I'm assuming it will ... I know from conversations the approach is pretty ground breaking. I know some of my favorite aspects will be gone, but I'm moving to Battery for the sound generation .... And I'll keep VB 3.01 around for playing tonal instruments.

Again ... what is the communities take on the new pad and isolation of zones. From what I get it will still have the 128 vectors which can most likely be "sliced" up into MIDI cells in Battery.

All I know is my MAC is needing an upgrade ... especially running Battery, Live 9, and VB at the same time....uuufda!