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Virtual Brain for Mac Updated for Monterey

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2022 4:26 pm
by admin
Leading up to the release of the new Mandala Drum V3 I've been able to spend time updating the old Virtual Brain programs like I mentioned might happen in a previous post. The Virtual Brains are not for the new V3 drum but rather for all the existing mk2.9 and v2 players who requested an update over the years.

Head to for a version of each program which has now been adapted to work on Macs running up to and including Monterey (MacOS 12.5). I verified that it works on machines ranging from a Mac Pro (5,1) running Mojave (OS X 10.14) to a Mac Mini (i5) running Monterey (12.5) to an M1 Pro MacBook Pro running Monterey (12.5). Let me know any issues you might have and I'll make adjustments if necessary.

After you unzip the download, place the Virtual Brain app in your Applications folder and move the entire Mandala Virtual Brain Support folder to /Users/Shared. The program won't operate properly if you don't take those steps. Macs are very particular about where things need to be these days. You'll also have to allow the app to run by going to System Preference>Security & Privacy after the first time you try to open it. Then it'll open as expected every time.

Keep in mind the new V3 drum that's coming soon won't include any software such as the Virtual Brain. The V3 is a controller meant to run all your favorite existing hardware and software (Ableton, Native Instruments, Logic, Superior Drummer, Synths, Pipes, 5-pin MIDI, etc.).