Anyone use Mandala live on stage?

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Anyone use Mandala live on stage?

Postby jonphillips1984 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:54 pm

I want to use my mandala live on stage. How would I hook up my mandala for live purposes? I currently use my firewire audio interface that connects to my mac. I use the 2 1/4 inch cable outputs on the back of my interface and connect the 2 1/4 inch cables into the input of my mixer so I can hear my pad through my DAW which is Cubase 7.

So in a live situation, how would I get my mandala to play through the PA speakers and my monitor through the DAW (Cubase 7) since I have to have it hooked up to my mac because in order to run the Mandala software program?

When I play live, I have my DAW up and running so I can use the click track. I have a small mixer I use to hook 1 mic up and point it to my monitor so I can use earphones through my DAW so I can hear my band and the click at the same time. So then I would need to add my mandala to the whole mix now too. I know there has to be a simpler way to have all these things I want. Tell me your ideas please!

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Re: Anyone use Mandala live on stage?

Postby launch54321 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:55 pm

If your firewire interface has multiple outputs you can have 2 separate mixes going to different outputs. You could send one mix of the click and your band (including the Mandala software) to the headphone output for yourself and another set of outputs could be assigned just the Mandala software and you'd send those outputs to the PA system at the location. The routing would be done through Cubase or through the software mixer that came with your interface.

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Re: Anyone use Mandala live on stage?

Postby analogdrummer » Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:07 pm

I'll second launch's reply. I have a Firebox that I've used on stage for years. I believe I use channels 3/4 for monitoring + click and 1/2 for output to the board (I might have it backwards - it's been awhile). Anyway, it works great, but make sure you get a sound check, not just to make sure the click isn't coming out of the main channel, but also to make sure you're electronic drums are triggering at the same level as your acoustics...

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